Fairtex MMA Style Shin Pads

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Fairtex Black MMA Style Shin Pads

Made from synthetic rubbers that are produced by polymerisation of chloroprene with good chemical stability, and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Really attach to your shins and does not move during training.

Come with elastic straps on top for tight fit with hook & loop cover for maximum comfort and safety.

Nicely done stitching at the back for natural feel with U-SHAPE stitching on tendon position for better comfort of your tendon.

Soft pads on foot protectors.

Shin Length

Foot Length

Weight (pair)


30 cm 15 cm 0.67 kg


31.5 cm 16 cm 0.67 kg


34 cm 18 cm 0.67 kg


35 cm 19 cm 0.67 kg